Oh, Hey There!

Have We Met?

Marketing Strategist + Copywriter. Sales Funnel Enthusiast. Sarcasm Connoisseur. Loud Soccer Mom. Slightly Obsessed With Coffee, Tacos + Baseball.

I'm a wife and mama living in beautiful Charleston, SC!


I'm a bonafide beach + lake bum! Who doesn't crave the sun & salty air?!


I'm a believer of three truths: traveling is the best form of education, sarcasm is a necessary evil, and there’s always room for tacos.

I love being creative!
Snapping pictures is my jam & I’m all about a #diy project (that USUALLY gets finished).


But more importantly... how can I help YOU?

As an experienced copywriter for 6-figure+ (or aspiring 😉)CEOs, visionaries, and coaches, I pride myself in bringing the trifecta to my writing: heart, humor and wit.

The result? An effortless connection with the reader that converts leads ---->> sales.

I enjoy working with companies across the world to elevate their copy and marketing strategy—most specifically during product/ service launches with high-converting sales pages, funnels, and Facebook ads.

On an ongoing basis, companies utilize my services for impactful direct response campaigns, nurture funnels, landing pages, and active lead generation to support their ongoing marketing  goals.

Ready to make your next launch a W.I.L.D success?

But Do You REALLY Know Me?