30-Day Marketing Sprint




Need A LOT of marketing collateral… but don’t have the budget to hire a full time copywriter and marketing strategist?

BOOM —-> Enter the 30-Day Marketing Sprint aka a Marketer In a Box ; )

30-Day Marketing Sprint Includes:
✅ 2-Hour initial strategy session (Can be broken up in two sessions)
✅ 1-Hour wrap up session
✅ 1 Sales page
✅ 30 (yes, thirty) sales emails (can be broken up into 3 different funnels max if multiple services or avatars exist)
✅ One lead generation opt-in strategy session
✅ Delivery/ welcome copy
✅ 2 sets of ad copy
✅ 25 prompts for social media

(Please note this is NOT a monthly retainer and everything is delivered within a
30 business day period.)